If I could wear busted tees, I'd wear these.

Sunday, April 13

If I were a teenager again, I think I'd wear a different busted tee for every day of the week. Since I'm not I can only fantasize and perhaps influence other teens with my 30 years of perspective.
Here are my top 10.

Okay, I wouldn't go for the fellatio reference but OMG this brings back memories- Legend of Zelda, hot summers crammed into my sister's sweaty bedroom huddled over a 13" tv and broken nintendo box. Why did everyone try to blow into the cartridge? It rarely worked.

I would have. I really would have.

This is so Brian and I. Our approach to interacting with children- be as matter-of-fact and literal as you can.

After seeing "Smart People" last night I thought this would be appropriate.

Altering reality engenders hilarity.

I'm seriously considering getting this one for Brian. Partially because he likes baseball partially because he hates wizards.

This made me laugh. I don't think the next generation will have the experience with tetris as we have. There are vivid memories of family vacations with my green lcd-screen gameboy and this game. I wouldn't wear the profanity but this is so my luck.

I know a couple guys who should have this, I bet you do too!

Get it?

Okay, this last one isn't nostalgic or witty but I can't help it. I thought it was hilarious.

Poignant conversation of the day:
Brian: I really like your brown sweater with your brown skirt.
Me: Really. Thank you. Why do you like it?
Brian: I think if I were a girl I would wear it.

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