A few products to brighten your weekend.

Saturday, April 12

These are just the cutest vintagey suitcases for kids. Look chic while visiting Grandma. Although you don't need to be a parent to think they're just gorgeous. Better yet, they range from $6 -$10! You can buy them here.

Introducing the Defendius Door Chain. Perhaps by the time you did get to opening the door, those kids trying to sell their fund raising magazines or Sunday missionaries might get impatient and move on. Security indeed! Buy it here. (although I think it's temporarily sold out.)

I thought this simple product was cute. I guess it takes me 15 seconds to cut a banana while this would take me 5. That's 10 seconds saved each day....times 365 days....equals one hour! Assuming of course, I eat bananas everyday (i hate bananas) but I think lily would get a kick out of using it. Would have been useful at Young Chefs. Buy it here.

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