April Showers bring May flowers.

Monday, April 14

Last week we had a couple really gorgeous days. Lily and I spend the afternoon planting tomato and mint seeds. Mint seeds for summer mojitos. Tomatoes for....well, do you ever need a reason to plant plump juicy tomatoes? I haven't successfully grown any since I was eleven but I think this year will be different.
Lily enjoyed sprinkling the seeds, no so much the digging. She enjoyed using the sprinkler to water the seeds but got a little carried away and watered the front porch, sidewalk and shirt she was wearing. It's one of those hobbies that teach patience. The package said that it will take 74 days to mature. I figure that means we'll have tomatoes by July. Seems a little long. The mint leaves will mature in 21 days. At least I'll be saving $3 on the quarter ounce of mint leaves our local grocer sells. That is unless I kill them off before they get to grow.

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