Tea for Two

Wednesday, April 16

Lily and her grandmother have certain rituals that my mother has initiated and I think it's adorable. Now retired, she comes over every week day to spend time with the girls. Around three o'clock she and lily gather around a tray and have their

afternoon tea. Lily has fully embraced the idea. She sips the hot tea and gets excited when drinking in unison. Abi, knowing of this daily routine, gave my mother two antique teacups from her grandmother's collection. Since I'm not very poetic, I took some pictures of their new/old serveware, proving just how cute a spectacle they can be. Lily also finished off the crown jewel of her Easter basket- A chocolate egg with a tiny marshmellow peep inside. Pretty clever.

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Gwendolen Elaine said...

So sweet! What a wonderful little ritual:)