Pretty things for my car

Monday, April 21

When you learn to sew it is both a boon and a burden. Suddenly all those cute things you might have bought without any physical effort other than typing in your credit card number become 70% cheaper if you sew it yourself. Case in point- my previous car seat cover post. After looking at all those yummy fabrics I got jealous and dreamt of having one myself. The price was a little steep for me to sink a chunk of my very limited capital into, so I sifted through the simplicity stacks and found pattern 4636. Whatja think? Lily was so excited to sit in it she barely let me put on the final touches. I've been thinking about making one for Molly but I'll have to cut my own pattern for an infant version with hood. Now that I finally got my cigarette lighter fixed, the new seat will go nice with my new XM:) No more five year old Beyonce. Fred, Ethel and Lucy here I come.
Oh one more thing, the simplicity pattern came with a shopping cart cover. I might try that one next. If you have any questions about the pattern just send me a message or comment!

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