Mmmm Sunday Baklava.

Sunday, April 6

We spent Sunday quietly indoors. I had some phyllo dough that was reaching its expiration date so Lily and I made my favorite dessert (next to tiramisu) baklava! Mmmm. It came out all oouey gooey but golden and crispy. Yum! If the picture inspires you, here's the recipe we used: yum! bakalava. One tip! Don't forgot to cut the pieces before you put them in the oven. I didn't and the tops got a little broken up when I carved them into triangles. Another thing, I let them sit on a dry paper towel before I put them in the cupcake wrappers to soak up the excess honey sauce. Also, the recipe calls for you to start the honey sauce after you make the baklava. I suggest you make it before. If you pour the sauce on hot it will soak to the bottom of the pan and make everything soggy.

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