It's a beautiful day. Don't let it get away.

Tuesday, April 22

To celebrate earth day I met Brian on his lunchbreak and had a picnic out on the riverfront (well, okay Earth Day might have been incidental) BUT we did throw away our garbage after we were done. I noted that leaving our trash *might* give the hoards of elementary school children with their white plastic bags something to do but Brian was too lily-livered. As far as earth days go I think this one was near the top. The weather was great! Sunny, not too hot, not too cold....maybe a tad breezy but still pretty close to perfect. And the trees were GORGEOUSO!! The brightest blossoms I think I've *ever* seen. Brian enjoyed his surprise 'fantasy baseball' tee and I took a lot of photos with our mouths full of Panera....but kept those out of the blog. No one needs to see that.

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