Vintage bike, today's price!

Thursday, April 10

Do you love vintage bicycles but hate the $2000+ price tag that comes with reproductions? Me too! I've searched ebay as well but rarely do they have one in *pristine* condition and when they do....stand's everyone for themselves. A literal feeding frenzy, forget bargains. I've recently found something I thought didn't exist- Vintagey looking bicycles, today's!
Granted, they are NOT reproductions. They offer the *look* of a vintage bicycle with white-wall tires and solid colors. The above bicycle is my favorite from their site. Imagine this with a wicker basket on front filled with a bouquet of flowers. Good enough for me:)
With 24" cruisers starting at $120, you have to give them a look-see!!


Ann said...

Oh yeah, that bike is hot.

Love the color...

Great find.

telephone snow said...

That site is awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

i am in LOVE with this bike, but i can't find it on the website in order to buy it! what catagory thingy is it under? like womens or 24".....?