I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Sunday, March 16

Well as you can see "The tumtum tree" has gotten a makeover! A *pink* makeover. Perhaps not the last. I designed the logo myself. I hope that's not too obvious. I'm still not 100% pleased with the header. I wanted to expand it across the top completely and it looks like that's going to take another go in Illustrator which takes FOREVER seeing as my computer is over five years old! I'm surprised it works as good as it does. I'm in no position to buy a new one at this point so I guess I'll have
to suck it up and bide my time.


renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

it looks pretty! i didn't see the site before, but i think you've done a great job! apparently, you are quite handy with illustrator, despite your computer's advanced years. ;-)

Rascallion said...

I just found your site so I don't know what the before looked like but this is fabulous! (I think I like your Tum Tum Tree better than mine!!!lol) Great blog, keep it up!