I like a good bargain.

Tuesday, March 11

One of my favorite rip-off label stores is FOREVER 21. But I have to be very careful when purchasing from this store as I tend to forget my age and buy clothes that look waaay inappropriate. When you're caught up in the moment of a good bargain you forget you're 3 months shy of 30 and not 19. But like its namesake, perhaps that's the idea. If you're the type of mommy who likes to stray from the LLBean and Eddie Bauer spring line and try something a little....dare I say....figure flattering, Forever 21 is a good start. If I have an idea of what I want before I go in I have a sporting chance of leaving with something I'm not going to return in a week (which is a good idea seeing as they have a NO MONEY BACK return policy regardless of a receipt). They get what seems to be an entire line of new clothes every week that have a less hootchy-momma-look than say....Wet Seal. This is my new must-have from their website:
Oh, one more thing! Their accessories are DIRT CHEAP and way HIP! (see bottom)


ONLY $7.80!!

ONLY $5.80!!!!

ONLY $7.80!!!!

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Unknown said...

That's my favorite store too!!!! I shopped there when it first opened and I racked up!!! I was too cute too. I haven't shopped there in a while. 2 babies = weight! But as soon as I lose 30lbs I will be back there.

I agree! Forever 21 is the bomb! Great blog! I love reading your ideas!