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Thursday, March 13

I'm going to finish the Martha Stewart handmade dolls I started in December. As things tend to go, I finished about half of them then ran out of momentum (ie lily's dollhouse consumed me). But it's time to start the ball rolling again. I finished the remaining heads but when I went to the MS site to print the bodies I discovered that the page no longer exists. So I posted the instructions and pattern from an old magazine in my basement for anyone who wanted to learn how to make them. Just click on the photo for the full-sized image and print. Do not blow the pattern to 238% as it says. (my finished ones are below)

My three-year-old won't let the long-blonde haired doll out of her sight. She takes her to restaurants, bed, car rides, etc....which gives me a special joy when seeing her bonding with it. My eight-month-old prefers the blond-curly haired doll but more for chewing than hugging. I would definitely recommend trying to make one for your little loved one.

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Brandi said...

How did you do the hair for the different dolls?