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Sunday, March 9

Since our move we've been living a pretty spartan lifestyle having bought only one piece of furniture and (literally) flying "by the seat of our pants" with the rest. There was a big hole on the right side of our living room where furniture should be until a friend was kind enough to lend me a pair of chairs from her grandmother's old house. They were probably from the 70s? I didn't take a picture of them then which frustrates me now because I'm so pleased with the "after". I want some physical evidence to compare. The closest thing I have to the "before" is a photo of the back (see below) that I haven't covered yet but as you can see it's an ugly orange crush velvet material. The wood was a black speckled walnuty color. I painted it solid black and reupholstered the cushions with fabric at I found at my favorite online textile store, the repodepot. The result was 200% amazing! A friend commented that they looked like something I bought at Pier 1. At any rate, I've officially solved my living room hole conundrum at a fraction of the cost to buy new chairs AND I get the added benefit of bragging about the makeover to guests. Points all around!
To compliment the room, I was thinking about sewing a slipcover for my sofa with a brown tweed material and dark brown trim. Thoughts?

original material

finished chair

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nathalie bearden said...

I love this print. I have the same in the Mocca style. LOVELY! I think you did a great job with the empty space. I realy like the lamp too!