"Pop" art for Pop-Ups

Saturday, March 15

For 3 years now, I've been a David A. Carter fan. Why 3 years? You put two and two together. He's the author of three *very* cool pop-up books that are unlike any pop-up books I've ever seen. They are like individual works of art only they're purchasable at any generic bookstore. It's "Pop" art. Get the double entendre? Well, if not, take a look below and see for yourself:
My first introduction to his work was with the book: "One Red Dot." Since then he's created "600 Black Spots" and "Blue 2." I purchased these in "new" condition for half of their purchase price on Amazon. However, if you're the type of parent who lets their child run amok with their baby books (not a bad thing) this may have to take a backseat for a year or two. I had to be very careful with my daughter when reading this book. Like any one-year-old her first instinct was to grab then ensuingly tear off the colorful fluttering paper. But I did manage to keep the book "relatively" unscathed and usable for Molly.

He's written a couple more "traditional" pop up books about bugs but these were the ones that hooked me. Oh and one more thing, the bottom left picture makes a great sawing noise when the blades scrape against the paper as you open the page. Clever.

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renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

these look very cool! i love it when art finds its way into pop culture, and it REMAINS good!

btw, i really enjoy your blog!