For the sewing impaired, make this tutu THREAD-FREE fast!

Friday, March 28

I feel like such a slug. I haven't posted in two days and I don't even want to look at my stat counter. I'm so sorry readers. My only excuse is that I'm in the middle of a project which will *eventually* post to this site. So in time, everything will come to fruition. At any rate, I'll be posting two ideas to make up for my lethargy.
First, for all you sewing machine challenged, here's an idea for creating a tutu- THREAD FREE!
You're going to need 2-8 yards of tulle, found in your local fabric store. Two yards will suffice for a children's tutu.

First, you're going to need to cut the tulle into strips. I cut my stripes about 4 inches wide - the width of these stripes is going to determine the poofiness, so use my tutu to judge.

After you have your strips cut, you're going to want to fasten them to a ribbon or elastic (see pic below) If you use ribbon, make sure it matches the tulle - or at least compliments it.

Just know that in the drawing below, you are actually looking at what will become the inside of the tutu's waist. You want the clean part of the loop on the outside.

You may want to play around with other methods of fastening the strips to the ribbon. Thanks to ambrosialove for this idea.


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zanpanda said...

So in love with this idea! I needed a brilliant idea for a homemade birthday gift. Yep, this is it. Thanks so much