Finally....some unique nursery art

Wednesday, March 19

No, I didn't forget to write a post today. I've just discovered that it's much better for me to write at night rather than during the day. Ironically, my mommy blog was keeping me from actually *being* a mommy so from now on I'll post late after the little ones are asleep for my coterie to read the next day.

I hope my loyal devotees appreciate this next post. I came across these a couple months ago when perusing (as I do) on etsy. Then today, stumped for an original blog idea, remembered these strange portraits and spent the last two hours sifting through endless etsy listings to finally find them with a simple google search. At any rate, here they are:

I think these would make great nursery art- a step above wooden letters that spell out your child's name hung on pink ribbons. The artist Lisa Golightly will incorporate your little one into one of her paintings.

Once an order is placed and your images are received, your piece can be created. Each painting is done by hand on a high quality canvas that is 1-1/2" deep, so it needs no framing. Because
every piece is made per order each has unique qualities that make it one of a kind-not the least of which is your child's face. Using your image(s) the face is printed using archival quality ink and transferred to the canvas. You should receive your art in approximately 4-6 weeks from time of order.

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Outsideofacat said...

these pictures are lovely! esp the dandelion, but really they are are lovely. thanks for sharing.