Another new playdate location!

Tuesday, March 11

For all my local readers, the Whitaker Center's Harsco Science Center just opened their newest attraction the "Kids Place". It touts many features including a crawling-climbing space for toddlers, adjoining aquarium, multi-level waterworks with dams, spouts and water jets (oooo I'm a bit skeptical). There are other exhibits as described in this paragraph I pulled from the web:

"Preschool visitors will be challenged to use their construction skills in the renovation of a child-sized three story home that resembles one of Harrisburg’s fine historic buildings. Young minds will be encouraged to imagine stories with their favorite characters on Storybook Stage, a theater that includes lighting effects, costumes and changing scenery. Finally, KidsPlace would not be complete without an ambulance to handle health emergencies as well as a Midtown Market with bins and shelving to hold a bounty of farm produce."

Also next month, the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet will perform "Cinderella" at the Sunoco Performance Theater next to the Whitaker Center, April 26th and 27th. Since my daughter has started ballet classes I thought this might be a great time to take her to a performance like this. Could possibly turn into a huge overestimation on my part but *I think* (perhaps naively) that I'm willing to take that risk.

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