"Grimm" fairy tale

Monday, March 17

I recently came across an article posted in "The New York Times" featuring Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz. I first saw their work in "Aperature" magazine. Together, this couple creates unusual, three-dimensional worlds encapsulated in snow globes. Often darkly humorous, sometimes outright macabre, a polar combination of charming and ominous, these globes had me hooked. I HAD to have one. Of course, they are not for sale, even withstanding my lack of superfluous income, these little plums were just out of my reach. That is until I did a little online digging and found the tiny people were in fact miniature train figurines, Preiser to be exact, and the globes are sold at a couple online craft stores. My unique twist (for my daughter) is foreboding fairy tales scenes. My first attempt, shown below, the Pied Piper of Hamlin leading the children into the cave. Preiser has almost everything (including *nudists* and you guessed it, pied pipers) I even added a little lame boy trailing behind. I know some might dislike the idea of anything not dripped in icing or sanitized by Disney but I'd like lily to have the same literary backbone as I did. My mother read Grimm's Fairy Tales and The *real* Little Mermaid and didn't permanently scar me in the process. My next idea, Little Red Riding Hood walking through the forest with the wolf trailing behind her.


Isabel Kallman said...

oh my. i love it. please do share where i can buy one. please send me a private email. i am a nascent snow globe collector for my son.

Unknown said...

those snow globes are awesome. What a talent you have. I also grew up on the Grimms fairy tales and I didn't turn out so bad. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. a new twist on an old classic. love it.