sunny side up

Sunday, March 9

Spoiled from the warm weather I am getting antsy for spring. As a symptom of my cabin fever I am perusing the internet for new spring lines at all my favorite sites. Here were a few of my picks from Anthropologie:

This reminds me of a modernized take on jane austen. Also, for the past year I can't get enough neck ruffles.

So springy. Just looking at it makes the sun seem brighter.

Spanish with a POP of color. Imagine sipping sangrias on the deck with friends.

Okay. That's all I have for now. To be honest, I've never bought anything from Anthopologie yet. Their prices are just a little over my budget ceiling. But I've admired their clothes for a year now. I've convinced myself a couple times that I WILL buy a shirt or a skirt I love but never bring myself to actually input my credit card info. It's just a good thing there aren't any stores nearby. I'd be far more likely to go in and buy something after I've fallen in love with the way it looks on me.

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